How many sets do you usually perform?

We will usually perform either 2 x 45 min sets or 2 x 60 min sets. There is no difference in price.

Will you be taking a break in-between sets?

Yes, usually half an hour at which point our DJ will take over, this depends on clients’ requirements.

What size is your band?

The core size of the band is eight which consists of Male or Female Singer, Trumpet, Trombone, Saxophone, Keys, Bass, Drums and Guitar. The 9 piece option is our most popular for Weddings, Corporate events, Birthdays and Anniversary Celebrations. The male and female option opens up your song repertoire. The band can be augmented by more brass players and singers up to a 17 piece showband.

How do you all know each other?

All professional musicians who worked together before in other bands worldwide.

What do you wear during your performances?

We will usually wear dinner suits/tuxedo’s for our performances. Unless specified.

Do you supply a PA, Stage and lighting?

Yes, PA and band lighting are included in the price. Should you require more lighting and a stage this can be discussed at time of booking.

I have booked a marquee wedding with a stage included what space will the band require?

We will usually ask that stage dimensions are a bare minimum 21 feet by 15 feet, although we have performed on smaller.

Can you supply a DJ as part of a package deal?

Yes, depending on which package you buy the DJ will be included.

I already have a DJ at the venue. Can you plug into each other’s kit to play?

Yes, this can be done simply.

I’m having a teepee wedding in the middle of nowhere. Will you be prepared to travel out in the sticks? and will your band fit in the teepee?

We have played many teepee weddings and the band has no problem travelling large distances.

Do you take a deposit?

Yes, we usually take a £500 deposit this secures the date and your musicians (and is non-refundable.) This amount is deducted from the bands engagement fee. Payments can be paid by BACS, Standing orders, a cleared cheque or cash into an account prior to the engagement.
These details will be discussed personally with you at the invoice stage of the booking.

My fiance plays Bass, Do you allow guests to perform on stage with you?

If either the groom or the bride play an instrument we have no problem at all with them coming up and sitting in with the band. Occasionally, guests want to perform their own song. They can link up to our system providing this has been discussed.

I would like a live band for one set and a tribute act for another. Can you supply this?

Yes, we have used tributes in the past including the Blues Brothers, George Michael, Michael Buble and Tom Jones. We have plenty of professional contacts.

My Wife to be and I would like male and female singers. Can you provide this?

We can provide as many singers as you’d like.

Can I have more musicians in the band?

The core band can be augmented up to a full 17 piece big band.

How many songs do you play?

On a typical performance the band will play up to 30 songs. We hold a vast repertoire of songs in a variety of genres dating as far back as 1930’s to Today! All expertly written to precision as the originals.

Can we request our first dance and some songs for you to play?

We always urge couples to use the band for their first dance. We want them to remember having a band play exclusively for them on their special day. And, if you have a few favourites just ask.

I am worried no one is going to dance. How do you keep people on the dance floor?

This is a common fear, please don’t worry. People always dance at our engagements. We have a very eclectic mix of songs so we are always playing somebody’s favourite.

Do you have to start and finish at a certain time?

The times we play are completely tailored to your requirements. Most venues like the live music to be finished for midnight. Do check with your venue.

How far will you travel to perform? Do you charge mileage? Can you all travel together?

We will travel all over the UK, but for longer distances we will increase the price to cover fuel costs and mini bus hire when required.

How long do you take to set up and soundcheck? Do my guests need to be out of the room?

Set up and soundcheck usually takes between an hour to an hour and a half. If your meal/entertainment is taking place in the same room it’s not a problem. The band will work around your requirements and venue staff.

I would like some background dinner jazz while my guests are at the wedding breakfast and the full band on at my reception. Can you supply this?

This is something that we do regularly for a small fee and is very easy to organise. Save yourselves time, stress and extra fees finding a separate band. A Trio or a Quartet are very popular. A swing singer is also an option with your choice.

My husband-to-be and I would love a Fanfare at the church for our wedding march can you do this?

Yes, this can be supplied at extra cost.

Will the band require a hot meal and drinks?

Usually the band will be at a venue from 5pm ’til often 1 am plus travel time so hot food and soft drinks are greatly appreciated.

Does the band need a private room to change and put there gear in?

This is a requirement as we don’t want all our gear, empty cases and day clothes in your way.

Do you allow video and photographs to be taken of the band?

Yes of course, this isn’t a problem. We are always happy to hear from you on our Twitter or Facebook page where you can share photos and video and give us your feedback.

Do you charge for charity functions?

Yes, but often at a reduced/negotiable rate.

Do you have liability insurance cover? Is the band’s equipment PAT certified?

Yes, we’re covered up to £5 million.

Yes, all equipment is tested. Certificates can be provided.

Do you travel to Europe?

The band will travel anywhere worldwide. Flights, accommodation and engagement fee can be discussed upon booking.